Could not ping google

When starting Manager for Speckle, I got error

Could not reach theinternet, are you connected?

Blow is the log:
2022-12-17 09:18:31.440 +08:00 [INF] Starting Manager
2022-12-17 09:18:31.440 +08:00 [INF] Version:
2022-12-17 09:18:31.440 +08:00 [INF] Product Version: 2.7.1
2022-12-17 09:18:31.443 +08:00 [INF] UserApplicationDataPath: C:\Users\YXF\AppData\Roaming
2022-12-17 09:18:31.443 +08:00 [INF] InstallApplicationDataPath: C:\Users\YXF\AppData\Roaming
2022-12-17 09:18:31.443 +08:00 [INF] Sentry initializing
2022-12-17 09:18:31.691 +08:00 [INF] Sentry ID: @F310F3E96C3524E0601543CEF155E822
2022-12-17 09:18:31.691 +08:00 [INF] Sentry initialized
2022-12-17 09:18:31.692 +08:00 [INF] No other instance of Manager was detected
2022-12-17 09:18:31.983 +08:00 [INF] App creating
2022-12-17 09:18:31.997 +08:00 [INF] App created
2022-12-17 09:18:32.483 +08:00 [INF] App initialized
2022-12-17 09:18:32.483 +08:00 [INF] Framework initialization completed
2022-12-17 09:18:32.559 +08:00 [INF] Theme set light
2022-12-17 09:18:32.693 +08:00 [INF] Main initializing
2022-12-17 09:18:32.734 +08:00 [INF] Home initializing
2022-12-17 09:18:32.788 +08:00 [INF] Sparkle initializing
2022-12-17 09:18:32.804 +08:00 [INF] Sparkle initialized
2022-12-17 09:18:32.805 +08:00 [INF] Home initialized
2022-12-17 09:18:32.811 +08:00 [INF] Main initialized
2022-12-17 09:18:32.814 +08:00 [INF] Updating Dock position: True
2022-12-17 09:18:34.826 +08:00 [INF] Refreshing
2022-12-17 09:18:35.775 +08:00 [WRN] Could not ping google
2022-12-17 09:19:26.998 +08:00 [INF] Refreshing
2022-12-17 09:19:27.784 +08:00 [WRN] Could not ping google
2022-12-17 09:19:27.853 +08:00 [INF] Refreshing
2022-12-17 09:19:28.775 +08:00 [WRN] Could not ping google

Because Google i s blocked in my country, I use Clash for Windows (system proxy mode) to hlep other apps, like MS Edge to reach google.
But it looks like Clash for Windows’s system proxy mode doesn’t work with Manager for Speckle

Hey @netsonic ,

Thanks for the report; sorry we didn’t think about that! I’ve changed it to ping Cloudflare instead, which should not be blocked.

Do you foresee other issues reaching the Speckle servers for which a proxy could be needed?


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Could you please tell me which severs are needed for Manger for Speckle to work?

These are the URLs: FAQs | Speckle Docs
Asides from these, Manager does a cheeky check on (formerly to see if you are online or offline.

Hi, I have run into the same issue.
But I am in a corporate environment where direct access to the internet is blocked completely (so no IPs on the public internet can be pinged, not even ).
The only way to access the internet is via a HTTP proxy.
But for most programs it works, because the proxy is set in the system wide settings (windows) and web browsers (firefox/chrome) and other applications usually pick that up and work too.
We are in the progress of setting up an internal speckle dev test server to play around with and to that server I have unblocked network access, but because the ping doesn’t go through to I don’t even get as far as setting the internal server in the manager.

As far as I know many corporate networks block protocols like ICMP (ping). So maybe it would be better if the manager first asks for a server (defaults to the official speckle server) and then when you click next it does an http request to that server to see if it is reachable. And if this http request takes into account the system wide proxy settings then it would also work with servers outside of that corporate network.


Hey @mp42 thanks for the info, it’s really helpful!

I have made a new beta release of Manager, and I’d love your feedback.
Here are the changes:

Please note that:

  • the proxy support has not been added to any connectors (yet!) :slight_smile: . If Manager is picking the proxy correctly we’ll roll it out to all .net connectors soon.

Wow, that was fast, thank you!

Yes, this beta version works for me. I can confirm that it is connecting via the HTTP proxy that is configured in the system (confirmed via a wireshark network capture).
I was able to add an account from the official speckle server and from our internal test server now.

The connectors of course did not work yet as you pointed out.

Feel free to let me know if you need connectors tested for proxy compatibility.


@ teocomi

The 2.7.6 beta works with system proxy mode, now I can update connectors, Thank you.


Thanks both for testing @netsonic @mp42 !

We have also just made a new pre-release of the .net connectors that includes system HTTP proxy support as well. Would be great if you could give it a spin :slight_smile:


I tested the Revit connector (with Revit 2022) and it works. Thank you!
I was able to successfully send the Revit Basic Sample Project to the official speckle server (and also to our internal test server).

Small side note regarding the manager:
I did this test in a different VM and I forgot that I had used this VM for proxy troubleshooting and I had the proxy address set to “” and not “” because some programs expect this field to only contain a hostname/IP and no protocol and with that the manager wasn’t able to connect.
Which I think is ok, since as far as I know the right method is to have the protocol there too and Autodesk recently also changed their software’s behaviour to now also accept a protocol there.
But I thought I would mention it in case you would want to catch such a case (no protocol being specified in the address field) or if somebody searches this forum for proxy related problems.


Fantastic, thanks for reporting back!

We’ll be making a new stable release with these changes then early January, do let us know if you have any more feedback or suggestions :slight_smile:

Hey @mp42 @netsonic

as a followup to this topic, I want to make sure that our python SDK specklepy would also work in network setups like yours.

Based on my testing specklepy picks up the system proxy settings properly, but it would be nice to confirm that.

Have you used our python SKD yourself or do you know someone who have?


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I assume that the blender SDK uses the python SDK?
If that is the case then yes, it works.
I have Blender 3.2.2 and Blender Speckle Connector 2.11.0 alpha and I was able to connect to the official speckle server and receive a stream and I confirmed via Wireshark that it was connecting via the HTTP proxy.


Thanks @mp42 this is a perfect confirmation that things work as expected.