CORS problem on manual server deployment

Hey guys :call_me_hand:

I am going through the manual server deployment docs trying to run the server with Docker. Things went fine, but…

I am getting this CORS annoyance when logging in with my account (first account on the server).

The only thing I did different from the docs was to expose the front end at port 81 instead of 80 (I have something else running on port 80).

I also skipped the Step 4: Optionally add easy TLS certificate.

Any ideas of what is happening?

hey @vwb,

What does the environment variables for the server look like? There is a CANONICAL_URL variable that has to match your frontend origin.

If you are using the docker-compose file provided in the tutorial you could set it there to match your port settings

Hope this helps,

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That did the trick Gergo! I set CANONICAL_URL to the IP of my machine. :muscle::slightly_smiling_face:

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