Convertion Errors When Uploading to Speckle from Revit File

Hello Speckle Community,
I try to upload the Revit Sample Project to speckle, but I received a series of errors as shown below:
I am using Revit 2023 and Revit Connector 2.12.2

When I inspect those elements in my, they are just Speckle Base Objects. Therefore, when I use Speckle GraphQL API to fetch elements, they dont have important parameters like materialsQuantities and category.

Thank you.

Hey @Amro-Sherif welcome to the forum, feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like!

I’ve logged this internally, and we’ll have a look at these errors. Some need to be fixed, but some might just need a better error message :slight_smile:

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Yes, the errors that you are seeing all look a lot scarier than they actually are. I don’t know about the first error, but the rest of them say “conversion returned null” which just means that sending those elements is not supported. Certain views, subcomponents of curtain walls, and several other miscellanous elements are not (currently) sent to Speckle.

As for the missing properties, what you have clicked on in the image that you’ve sent is just the mesh representation of the curtain wall mullions. This mesh is nested under the “elements” property of the curtain wall. The properties of the curtain wall can be found by clicking on the actuall wall instead of the subcomponents of the wall.

Let me know if that answers your question

I really appreciate your response. This is starting to clarify things up. But let me ask please, for the sake of testing, I tried to capture all model elements categories by looping through each and every element (that has materials) and adding its category to a dictionary. I did so once through Revit API and again through Speckle API. There were missing categories as shown:

  • Is this related to “Conversion returned null” issue or elements in those categories are just not yet supported?
  • If they are not supported, why I didnt get similar errors for runs and landing for example?
  • Is it expected to have each and every single element in Revit to be supported? If so, please give me heads up when?
  • Why did Speckle consider “Mass” category, but Revit API didnt?

I really appreciate your time. Thank you.

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Hey @Amro-Sherif ,

Most of the highlighted are sub-categories (Curtain panel and mullions → Walls, Runs and Landings → Stairs).

Ideally yes. But it is a bit cumbersome to get all of em supported. I guess we can add support for Entourage easily.

Revit does consider Mass as a Category. Doesn’t it?

Btw, what are you trying to do?