Convert CAD geometry to Revit Families via Dynamo

Can anyone have a look on my script ? Solid Block is converging to the revit family successfully . But getting issue with the coordinates …Python script error…Please can anyone help readings to this issue

Hey Pavan,

Could you please provide more details about your Python and Dynamo scripts and what you’re trying to achieve?

Hi, Gokermu.

I have solid geometry in cad . The task is convert from solid cad geometry to revit existing family.
In this, cad geometry is converting successfully but it not occuping the start and end points.
for mapping the end points i want a python script.

Need a node for converting plane to X Y and Z points.

Please have a look on to the images and help me…!
Thanks You…!

Hey Pavan,

We’ve recently introduced Speckle Mapper, a handy tool that lets you do exactly what you’re looking for right within Rhino. To see it in action, check out this tutorial - it’s super easy to follow along with! If you have access to Rhino, I highly recommend giving it a try.

If you have to do this via Dynamo, can you please share the Speckle Model URL so we can reproduce it on our end?

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Hey Gokermu,

i can give the speckle URL for converting Autocad Blocks to Revit families by the help of Dynamo.
Please find the Link here
Commit | Speckle

Hey there,

I requested access for the model.

Side question: Do you have a specific reason for wanting to use Dynamo for this task?

Hello ,
Permission Granted…!


I have cad blocks and my requirement is i wonna change these blocks to Revit families.

NOTE: Not generic model…replace the blocks with existing families , which are consists in the project.

Hey Pavan,

Thanks for giving more context. Speckle Mapper also supports conversion of blocks into existing families into Revit. You can watch this short tutorial if you interested in how that works:

I also see your source application is Rhino. So you already have access to Grasshopper too. If you don’t know, you can directly created Revit geometry using Speckle2Revit nodes available in GH.

If there isn’t a specific reason to use Dynamo, I recommend using either Mapper or Grasshopper. Dynamo’s geometry capabilities are not as advanced. However, if you have to use Dynamo, please share the Revit file and explain what you are expecting in more detail (what families those objects are expected to become).