Control over Detail level

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for complex Revit projects for example facade models, it might be useful to have control over the detail level in the sending options of the Speckle Connector. With an option for the detail level one can define what should be sent to Speckle (fine/medium/coarse). The IFC Exporter of Autodesk has a similar option. Especially as large-scale projects might be a pickle for sending/receiving/viewing, this option can help to improve user experience.

Therefore, it would be super interesting to have this implemented :slight_smile:!


Hey @AlexHofbeck this is something we should be able to add relatively easily as an Advanced Setting in the Revit connector.

By default now all meshes are sent with the Fine detail level.


Thanks for implementing so fast guys! Works like a charm :)!
Also makes totally sense in some cases and also improves speed of send and viewer drastically for big projects


Thanks for checking the pre-release Alex!
We shipped this feature in the 2.16.1 hotfix release fyi.

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Will update it! Fruits of your effort :slight_smile:. Small Hi-Res next to global low-res :heart:.


Regarding the Display Detail Level option in the latest revit connector v2.16.3 , I want the web viewer display the same Fine view as in Revit viewport when send MEP elements to Speckle. But now this is what I get. Fittings are as expected, but cabletray body segments are shown in medium resolution.
Viewed within Revit,
Viewed in Speckle web viewer,
In Revit connector send advanced settings, these options are applied.
Am I doing something wrong? Please help. The test stream is here,9.66583,13.3432,0.55987,9.46518,13.3432,0,1%5D
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