Connectors not found in manager Speckle

Hi Speckle team, I’m new in Speckle and I am trying to install the Revit Connector through the Speckle Manager. Regrettably, I have encountered an issue wherein the software is unable to locate the connectors and a notification has surfaced bearing the following message: “Could not reach the Speckle servers, are you connected? Please unblock”.

Your guidance and assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hey @msanhueza ,

Sorry about this, could you please send me in private your logs? (see image below)

I had this too (yesterday?)

Today I opened Manager again and there was another update.
For me it finds Connector Updates fine again.

There wasa small glitch in the Beta version, which I think is the one you are using - it’s fixed now :slight_smile:
I’m afraid Matias is having network issues because of a corporate environment instead…

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