Connector Window not working in Revit 22

I got a problem since installing v2.9.2.
Revit 22.1: The Connector window does not react to clicks on streams. The button shows a visual feedback, but it doesn´t switch to the Send/Receive dialog.
“Create new Stream” and “Add by ID…” don´t work either.
“View online” does work.
With Revit 23 everything is fine.

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Hey @torkue ,

Great to see you here. Feel free to introduce yourself if you feel like it.

I can’t seem to reproduce your issue sadly. What plugins do you have installed in Revit 2022 that are not in 2023? That’s weird.

Hi @gokermu ,
thank you for your reply.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the connector. It works now. Don´t know what´s been the issue.
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Ok great to hear that.

I guess we’ll never know :slight_smile:

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