Connector for Moment of inspiration 3d- a program like Rhino lite version or sketchup type

i have used this program called “Moment of Inspiration 3d” a lot and it has all the functionality as Rhino have but with very fluid and fast workflow like sketchup and hence i think for people who want fast prototyping by using Nurbs software not polygon software, it will be a great solution to add in your upcoming connector list, i know you people are busy in other more important software but if get time after 6 month or a year, you can contact Michael Gibson (owner), he is very responsive to any query. here is the link-
Another recently released software called “Plasticitiy 3d” is an ultimate piece of software combining the power of CAD, Nurbs, constraint, parasolid to very fastly achieve any sort of Organic and hard-surface model in least amount of time. this program is very new and design industry is very excited for it. here is the link to the website-
I am recommending these software because of following reasons-

  1. They are very light program and anybody can learn them in an hour.
  2. Both demand very less disk space and have capability to run in low specs pc so beneficial for people to design in office laptop and transfer the data later.
  3. Provide clean export of models
  4. rapid prototyping at any stage of design.