Connection with the Speckle Model lost whenever a new Power BI tab is added within the same file

Hi Speckle Team! :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on the Power BI connector and it happens that each time I duplicate or create a new tab within the same Power BI file, the Speckle model looses somehow the connection:


Do you know what the problem might be?

@AlexHofbeck @ltascheva

Looking forward to your feedback,
Best regards,
Raquek Mirra Santos

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Hey @rmsantos ,

I’m unable to replicate the issue. Could you please provide me with instructions (screen recording would be even better) to reproduce it?

Just out of curiosity …
we are probably not the only firm with more than one tab in the PowerBi file, where every report page has a Speckle viewer visual.

@BIM_Wash, @Aaron_Atkinson:
Do you also have issues, when switching through the tabs and the visuals don’t load the model afterwards?

Hi @AlexHofbeck,

Thanks for reaching out. I can navigate between tabs and the 3d speckle viewer updates, albeit rather slowly. See attached (in real-time)


Thanks, Matt for taking a look into it and for the video! Looks better on your end than on ours.

@gokermu: In case we find something out, we will document it here. Same for the other topic!