Commit triggers

Thinking about Speckle as a base for building more data driven automated designs I was wondering about the idea to be able to create something similar to git Pipelines,
specifically by adding to Speckle streams functionality: upon receiving new commit to specific stream a user difined event would be fired.

I’m not quite sure how best to implement this so it is more “generally flexible/forward thinking”,
but as a simple implementation I was thinking of assigning to each stream an external uri address to be hit after commit arrives (just simple GET request, ideally with extra query parameters filled dynamically as variables i.e. that new’s commit commit_id).
Alternatively Redis queue could be populated with that new event - but I’m not sure if this would be user friendly enough :slight_smile: )

“Listeners” could then perform their own tasks i.e. query Speckle back for specific data from that commit and generate PDF reports.


They’re a bit more cryptic issues, but this in the pipeline for this sprint (and might fall in the next one too…).

Webhooks will allow you just that, and we plan to expose them for creation in the UI, as well as allow third party apps to create them dynamically (so you can build a whole custom CircleCI on top of Speckle, for example).

The activity stream is thought of as a more user facing development, but if forced us to define a bit better what events are, and how they will be extended onward when we’ll add issues, etc.


Looks like this idea clarified for us pretty in the same time guys:)

Generally yes, though in that gh issue I see there is no mention about the webhook would be triggered because of commit submitted
(noted that’s gh issue related more to being able to submit external api requests generally).
Anyway, I’m subscribing to those issues straight away!