Comments from deleted user

What happens when a user is removed as a collaborator on a stream? And if the user delets the account? What happens with comments the user has made on the stream?

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Hey @Sandra

currently the user deletion cascades to delete their comments.

What behavior are you expecting from this case?


When a user is deleted in projects … it doesn’t matter if it is internal or external communication … there is a loss of project knowledge. Of course, this knowledge is, for now, localized to one specific live discussion and not searchable … therefore there is no need as of now. But even by taking a look at any conversation tool like Teams, Slack it would be bad if chat messages are lost.

As your comments are not yet searchable it is not bad. But the more your platform evolves (think about an issue management environment with Tags, Status, Due date) this will become important.

Of course, users can be archived, but when they are deleted it would be bad :frowning:.

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Okey, are comments deleted also when the user is only removed from the stream but keeps the account? Are attachments that the user uploaded to comments deleted or what is the current behaviour?

Is it possible to restore information from a removed user/deleted account?

It would be great to use comments more for project knowledge as @AlexHofbeck says and that their content will stay when the user is removed from the stream or deletes the account.