Colorizing composites

Hi there

I’m Manuel and I tested speckle & Archicad in the last few weeks. I focused on scheduling and tried to solve problems, which Archicad can’t solve;)

The following problem Archicad, Revit and other softwares have:
They think always in elements and not in different layers, when we publish now a model to speckle, which is a composite, than it’s still one element. I can’t colorize the layers, only the hole element and the material-parameter is on different positions in speckle… any ideas, how to solve that without modeling in different layers…

Thank you

maybe solvable with a colorfilter, which have the option “contain”, but at the moment the viewer is working elementbased too? It’s colorizing always the hole element and not part of the element… I would like to choose different parts of the wall when I select (like in BIMcollabZoom or Solibri) or the hole wall and the same for colorizing and later for scheduling.

Link to the public model.

Hey @Manuel_Emmenegger ,

Great to see you are trying to combine Archicad and Power BI using Speckle.

I think what you are trying to do is achievable. Speckle also treats individual built elements as a single element. So a wall, even though consists of 3 components, is sent as a single element. But that single wall element will have a displayValue attribute, which contains the Mesh geometries that are part of that single wall. Each mesh, also has material attribute assigned. So I think using this workaround, you can create a relation between material names of your components and their attributes.

I created a simple POC. This colors each component by their material names. I believe you can take it from here. Take a look:

10828-colorizing composites.pbix (1.7 MB)

Great thank you! I tried that and understand it now a bit more.
More understanding = more questions😂

  1. work: I can create a list in powerbi out of the data from speckle and click threw this list and the viewer is filtering the right way.
  2. doesn’t work: I can’t click on layers in the viewer and powerBI select the right elements in my list (I think because the selection is working like in the webviewer)
  3. selection works with rooms (so when I don’t have complex elements from Archicad)
  4. doesn’t work: I’m not sure if I do everythin right, but when I compare the parameters I can extract in PowerBI with the parameters directly in the speckle web-viewer, I find different namings for the same parameters and a lot of parameters don’t exist in the connection to powerBI (area of layers, volume of layers or properties)

Let me know, if I’ve done something wrong or I can test something more😃. Prettycool what’s going on here!