Color Filter of nested elements in the viewer

Hi guys,

when one has nested Revit Elements, say a facade, and wants to have the elements color filtered it does not work as one assumes


  • The parameter of the nested element (facade panel) is called “Fire resistance”
  • The nested element is part of the Revit Wall declared as a Facade
  • Select the “Fire resistance” in the filter function of FE2 or FE1
  • All nested facade panels go to invisible

It seems the viewer only looks at the top level for filtering

By sending the facade panels without the walls hence preventing the nesting in Speckle … the color filtering works.

As facade panels should always be considered nested due to reasons of Revit API logic for transfer, it would be beneficial to add the extended color filtering to the viewer. I hope it is clear, if not let me know :slight_smile: