Codeblock in Dynamo affected by speckle Revit connector?

So I have an issue:
After installing the speckle connector for Revit, I opened a Dynamo script (I’m using Rvt2023) and clicked inside the Codeblock’s textbox… Somehow, the textbox seems to have become read-only because i cant type anything inside it! Sounds crazy but I believe that (In my particular case at least), it’s the connector that’s causing this behaviour.
As soon as I uninstalled the connector, the Codeblock node started behaving normally again.
Has this happened to anyone else?


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Hey @polmod ,

Take a look at the following thread. I hope it helps.


I have the same issue with Revit 2022 but I don’t have GenerativeDesign addin :cry: Is there any other solution?
Best regards

Hey @SylvainJos ,

What’s the exact version of Revit 2022 you have installed?

As we cannot replicate, it might be due to another plugin that you have installed. So I would suggest the following:

  1. uninstall Speckle for Revit & Speckle for Dynamo and check if the code blocks work
  2. if not: it must be something else, you can try to remove other addins one by one
  3. if yes: you can reinstall Speckle and still try to remove other addins one by one and see which one might be conflicting


Thanks for your answer! I have Revit version 2022.1.30.34.
I did some tests:

  • Uninstalling Speckle for Revit is enough to restore the Dynamo Code blocks. No need to uninstall Speckle for Dynamo.
  • The problem exists with Speckle for Revit version 2.11.1 and 2.12.1 alpha.
  • I have tried to deactivate different addins, without success, I have not yet found which one is the problem…
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Hey @SylvainJos

Thanks for the extra details; I have the same version of Revit and cannot replicate it, so, unfortunately, I cannot inspect further.

Revit addins can be installed in many locations; I’d suggest looking at the ones below and removing anything you find, one by one (eg. by moving them to your desktop) , until you can pinpoint the problematic one:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2022\AddIns\

Interestingly, a user here has reported the same problem without having Speckle installed, so it seems these code blocks are quite fragile…