Cleaning up streams - Deleting old streams?

I’ve just started testing the Rhino + blender add ons and have created a whole heap of test streams which I now want to clean up (delete) - but I can’t find a delete button…

After some looking I finally found a delete button (in the rhino add on interface) next to the ‘saved streams’ items which is only visible when you mouse over it - not very user frienly (discoverable) at all - but there are no similar delete buttons on the rest of the streams listed under ‘all your streams’. Likewise I can’t find any delete buttons via the web interface either?

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Hi @Paul_Harris! Probs the best place is to do it from under stream settings in the frontend:

Unfortunately we don’t make life easy for you, as it’s a potentially dangerous operation. We could make it easier, but we’re afraid of getting the opposite feedback later :sweat_smile:

PS: welcome to the speckle forum! there’s a bunch of funny intros if you want to add yours :slight_smile:

Thanks @dimitrie for a very fast response!

I actually just found the functionality in the Blender add on! So managed to clean it up that way.

Good to know how to find it via the web interface though. Thanks again!

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