Clean faces in Blender

I noticed that imported Sketchup geometry is no longer triangulated and wonder if it would be possible to get this feature in Blender as well? Right now it is a lot of work to clean up planar surfaces.


Hey @MaxT ,

Definitely a valid request. Do you know any addon/plugin that does that in Blender? If so, please share them with us.

There is a command called Limited dissolve that I use a lot that I think could be automised during import.

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Hey @MaxT,
I’ve just looked at Limited Dissolve and yes, it is something we can use for automating that process. We’ll probably add it as an option. Thanks for the suggestion🙏


Hi @MaxT

I’d like to dig a little deeper to find out exactly the behaviour you are seeing/expecting.

Are you looking at Sketchup → Blender, and seeing previously “clean” geometry (in skp) become triangulated geometry in Blender?

Could perhaps share a speckle stream/screenshots of geometry that receives nice in sketchup, but not in blender.


I think he wants something similar to what we have implemented in Sketchup recently. Merge Co-planar faces. So instead of triangulated meshes, we’ll have Ngon meshes for planar faces. See images below :point_down::

@MaxT correct me if im wrong

Hey @Maks_T,

We’ve created an issue for this. You can keep track of it from there if you want. We’ll be adding an optional checkbox for cleaning mesh geometry. Thanks for the suggestion🤟.

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You are quite right, thanks for all your work.

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Hi @MaxT,

I’ve finished implementing a first pass of this feature; adding a “Clean Meshes” option to the “Receive” operation.
When enabled, it will automatically apply a Limited Dissolve, and a Merge Vertices to recieved meshes. :partying_face:


You can check this feature out by installing the 2.9.0-alpha release on Manager:

Or installing through our releases page:

See this change on github here.

Once you’ve had a chance to check this out, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!