Civil3d pipes and utilities to Revit

Help! I am trying to send 2022 Civil 3d pipe networks to Revit 2021. I set proxygraphics=<1> and used convertto3dsolids command to turn the pipes into 3d solids. When I use the ConnectorCivil3d (alpha) to push to the stream, it crashes Civil3d. I was successful last week but no luck with my files this week.

I’ve tried moving the origin to a location that is within the pipe boundary.
I’ve cleaned up the file to reduce the file size - eliminating text, linework, etc to isolate the 3dobjects.

Would it perform better if I tried to push masselements our of Civil3d?

Thanks in advance for your help. I am new to Speckle so Im sure that im making a mistake somewhere.


Hi Claire,

Thank you for the reply. Those are the results I am looking for!

How do I eliminate null solids? Ive been a CAD monkey and Reviteer for many years and Ive never heard of it before.


Hello @Tebogo_inertia , the file was super helpful, I managed to pinpoint a few issues actually! Really appreciate you sending it over. The fix has been merged and will be available with our next release, this is the test stream with the elements from one of your files:

One main thing to note:

There were hundreds of invisible null solids in that file, which may have been a result of your manual pipe to solid conversion? They aren’t selectable on screen but will be selected with SelectAll if you’re using that command to send via our connector. They should be skipped now, but sometimes the connector will hang (not crash) if they are selected.

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Hey there!

I’m also not very familiar with null solids in AutoCAD, but have heard of them being created before during certain boolean operations - can’t say why they were in your file though!

You could try hiding your visible geometry, selecting all, and deleting? Unfortunately my AutoCAD knowledge doesn’t extend that far :sweat_smile: