Civil3D corridor not transferring correctly


just tested sending a corridor to Speckle stream. It did not work as expected :frowning:
when sending corridors, all I see online are the featurelines of the corridors, and not even the shapes.
When I try to pull it into RVT it does not show me anything… Am I doing something wrong?

I used OOTB assembly installed with civil3D to test

public stream ID Stream | Speckle
attached civil3d file (C3D 2021)
test public corridor.dwg (993.0 KB)

Hi @Dickels112 ,

We’ve had corridor support parked for awhile, there wasn’t a straightforward way to extract solids from them. This is something we can revisit however, what are you expecting to see (both in the data extracted and in Revit) ?

So my approach would be the same way Civil3D analyzes the corridor to a solid.
Take the appliedshapes of appliedsubassemblies in order within a region and connect them to eachother using a lofting method.
This will either result in a 2d mesh or a 3d mesh.
Datawise, everything filled as the corridor identity propertyset, created in Civil3D 2023 when exporting a solid is a minimum.

I can take another pass at looking at whether or not the Civil3d API exposes mesh generation via lofting, but I suspect this may take awhile to support (if possible at all). Property sets should be straightforward to add for corridors however, I’ll include that with the 2.9 release :slight_smile:

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No worries just take the time you need to support it properly :slight_smile: if I have anything new, I will reach out! thanks for the update!