Civil3D alignment > Revit

We were testing the following workflow yesterday for an upcoming project: alignment in Civil3D > receive in Revit. Model lines were nicely generated in Revit, awesome! There were two things though.

  • UPDATING: after modifying the alignment in Civil3D, receiving the update in Revit didn’t worked properly. In Revit, the alignment is cut up in separate model lines so I think it’s not updating all of them. Or could there be something else causing this?

Receive 1:

Receive 2 (after update in Civil3D), as you can see a lot of duplicates and only the first model line on the bottom right has been updated:

  • DYNAMO: trying to receive the alignment in Revit dynamo gave an error. Is it possible to disable deserialization in the receiver (as you can in GH)?


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Ah yes, I also observed some curve and directshape updating issues in Revit during testing - created a github issue here for tracking progress.

Pinging @connor for this one!



Thanks for reporting this bug. I’ve submitted a fix for this issue that you can see here and it will be released with our speckle 2.9 release in the next couple weeks.