Civil 3D Surface to Revit Toposolid (Revit 2024)

Today I try to transfer Civil 3D surface to Revit. It went smooth. The geometry is accurate. But, instead of converted to Toposolid element it converted to Generic Models instead. Is it possible to have it converted directly to toposolid? and if it is, is there any plan to implement this in near future?

Thank you team speckle.

We have worked on support for Revit 2024 toposolids recently, 2.17 Release Candidate for community feedback will be out later this month and you can test the Civil3D to Revit workflow.

In the meantime, could you tell me more about your use case? I would like to learn more about what do you create in Civil3D and how do you work further with the model in Revit, who do you share the model with, … More context would be hugely appreciated.