Civil 3D / Revit scaling

Hi All,

I recently sent a stream of a pipe network containing pipes/pits in civil 3D to Revit, however it was imported very small (in “m”).
I went through all the documentation but couldn’t find anything related to required steps for sending importing data between both packages in regard to setting units.
As most know, in civil we model in meters and the majority (if not all) of the Revit community, model in “mm”.
What do I need to do to send data from civil 3D in “m” units to Revit in “mm” units?
Using Civil 3D 2024.2 and Revit project in 2022.1
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hi @Steven_Leech , welcome to the community!

In general, unit conversions should be handled automatically - if you send from a Civil3D file in meters and receive it in a Revit file in millimeters, your objects should be scaled so that they retain their original size in the new units.

However, if you’re receiving your meters objects in 1/1000th of their size in your millimeters file, then it sounds like there may be a bug in our unit conversions. Could you share a link to the model you sent in Speckle so we can investigate?

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