Changes in Speckle server dev tooling

Hey folks,

we’ve recently revamped our speckle-server monorepo management approach. This change made it to our main branch in the past few weeks, we’ve updated our dev docs but I realized we haven’t posted about it here.

Sorry if it caused some issues like this.

Please read the updated getting started steps, because it involves migrating away from using npm and lerna to using yarn for everything. All in all it should result in a much smoother developer experience with less friction around tooling quirks.

To make the transition as smooth as possible we recommend deleting all node_modules folders inside your cloned repos and re initializing with the steps detailed in the dev docs.


  • $ npx npkill and follow the onscreen instructions to clean all the node_module-s
  • $ corepack enable
  • $ yarn
  • $ yarn build
  • $ yarn dev

afterwards use yarn wherever you’d use npm.

Make sure to let us know if you run into issues.