Change Comparison based on Collections

Hello dear Specklers,

the majority of change comparison tools have the issue that they just check for the whole model and color everything. Depending on how a project is handled this can be a colorful undertaking. You have to then deselect what you don’t want to see (no geometrical changes, no geometrical movement, no parameter changes) in order to get more clarity of what you have to adapt. In Speckle we currently don’t yet have that level of control, but it is articulated and we are looking forward to it :slight_smile:.

Now to the new part:

  • In some cases the colleagues want to just have control of what type of element (collection) gets compared.
    In the case below the MEP moved shaftwalls and openings in the ground slab during execution design without communicating. If the colleague would be able to choose the nested opening objects and the walls he would be directly able to understand what happened without seeing the whole slab in yellow colors (in the example below it is in green, as the colleague did it manually in bimcollab zoom … but I hope it is clear of what I mean).

    As a summary:
    → Change comparison either on all or only on selected collections would improve clarity for the user during the change comparison process.
    → include also nested objects which are not actively visible/selectable (opening objects as actual visible objects for the time of the comparison).

Independent Sidenote:

The approach of BIMcollab to provide rooms and opening voids only by activating would be interesting for speckle too.

In case you are interested in more details let me know :slight_smile: