Carbon details by default - idea

Hey folks, totally off the cuff idea. I had an issue in the office today where getting volumes out of models was a huge pain, so we ended up having to double process a big IFC model in rhino just to actually capture the volumes we needed.

Something that really help with Speckle is that if, as a default, while the 3D rendering data was being captured, capturing the volume of the object in question was given the same level of “importance.” Would be step towards carbon reporting on projects by default.

Hi Chris,

Speckle already gives you the volume of all solids you send to Speckle:

That’s the “Your First Project” Speckle project (previously stream) btw: Viewer - Joost's First Project - Speckle

But maybe I misunderstood the question / idea?

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No @JoostGevaert you’re absolutely right, I think we’ve been working with IFCs enough recently that I forgot a better world was possible - getting volumes out of IFCs through Speckle still returns no volumes, but that totally depends on the importer - I think my issue is with IFC and not Speckle!

act | a carbon tool, is an open source carbon tool that colleagues at Arup have developed. It has the functionality to automatically calculate the volumes from mesh objects. I don’t know how well it works and what the limitations are, but have a look at act and the source code below. Calculating volumes from meshes could be a Speckle Automate function?

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