Canvas height problem


I’ve been having issues with the responsiveness of the viewer. As you can see in the attached video, when the height of the page increases, the canvas follows it smoothly.
However, when I decrease the size, the height of the canvas doesn’t change.

If I don’t load the model, then the responsiveness works fine.
Here’s the HTML structure and the corresponding CSS code.


Can anyone help me with this?

2023-07-19 12-57-00.mkv (7.6 MB)

Hi @Gircsi117

I looked at the video you attached and it looks like when you decrease the size, there is a scroll bar visible on the page. This will keep the canvas size as it is, and will not resize it. Try removing scrolling from the page or the canvas container


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The essence of the problem is that when increasing the height, the canvas resizes accordingly, but when decreasing it, it does not. This is clearly visible in the side menu and also in the height of the canvas on the side element tab.
Removing the scrollbar does not solve the issue.

It’s probably a css crossed wire somewhere somehow. Can you post a link to a minimally reproducible repo?