Can't visualize Dynamo solids in the viewer


I am new to speckle world. I was trying send data from dynamo to Speckle server and visualize the data
in 3D viewer of speckle server. But unfortunately I can’t seem to visualize it and I do not understand the why?

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Hey @SQMalik!
It’s difficult to see what’s could be going on there. Could you send us the url of that stream to check it out?

And also would be helpful to know exactly what geometries you are trying to a send :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this!

The Stream Link is this:

The Geometries are a list of Solid Spheres. I am attaching the dynamo script here so you can give it a try.
phyllotaxis.dyn (43.1 KB)

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Great thanks! I’ll check it out this afternoon :slight_smile:

Thank you @AlanRynne !

Just had a quick peek and it seems Dynamo is not really sending anything out, you’re just getting a list of empty objects… :man_facepalming:t3:

I’m going to look into it but meanwhile… Could you try with some other geometry, such as points or meshes, to rule out some options?

thanks in advance!

Hey Saqib,

We don’t yet support Dynamo solids, apologies it’s not well documented here (I will update that page ASAP). If you turn them into meshes they should work!

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Hey teocomi,

Thank you for the information.
Any idea if dynamo solids will be supported anytime soon?

I will work with meshes for the time being.
Thanks Again!
Saqib Qamar