Can't send blocks from AutoCAD

Hi guys,

Looks like I can’t send blocks from Autocad to a stream. It also crashes my AutoCAD. I have attached the file. Any idea why?

(BTW could you please enable uploading files -if thats something you can do-. I can’t upload dwg files or any other file (.rvt, .3dm etc) directly.)

Ah this is due to a recent issue we discovered about calling the AutoCAD API from worker threads - it was fixed for receiving, but not yet for sending!

I’ll take a look shortly and package this fix for our next beta release, thanks for reporting the bug :slightly_smiling_face:


Also a general note: when testing, I noticed your file was not authored in AutoCAD. Imported DWGs that were exported from other applications can contain geometry that isn’t properly defined - I’ve encountered polycurves with reversed segments for example, from importing Rhino generated DWGs. Expect these files to be more buggy than native ones!

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Got it. I got this file from a friend that wants to convert its CAD blocks into Revit families. But I’ll take a note and be careful.

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