Can't see speckle element like column, beam, wall in speckle viewer

I use schema builder to create elements like column, beam but can’t see them in speckle viewer. I’m still able to receive them in Revit though. Does any body have the same issue?

Hello @nguyenle13! You should be able to see their baselines, can you? Otherwise if you can share a stream id we’ll have a look!

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I can’t see baseline. I can only see the geometry when using the direct shape element. the stream id is 4IxBUj8K_ (Arup Hong Kong server)

Hi @nguyenle13,

When you create a SpeckleElements column with the SchemaBuilderComponent, you need to manually create a mesh for the online viewer to display:

Revit ignores the mesh and just uses the other data, which is why you are seeing it appear in Revit but not in the viewer.

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Thanks David. It’s not very intuitive, is it?

Yes, that’s how it works. Unfortunately we cannot generate the full 3D representation of Revit families from Grasshopper, therefore the display mesh is only generated when sending from Revit.

Can we just display the baseline instead?

Baseline should show up, I’ll check with @dimitrie why it doesn’t! In the meantime I’ve tracked it here: Viewer not showing baseline of elements created via schema builder · Issue #117 · speckleworks/SpeckleAdmin · GitHub

Totally, this is doable. It’s though a 2.0 fix imho, albeit it can be quite a quick hack in 2.0 too. I might prod at it today if i’ve got time!