Can't receive to GSA


I’m trying to receive a model to GSA but get the following error:

Speckle.Core.KIts.KitException - Failed to load converter for app GSA:
Mismatch between Objects library v2.18.4.14049
Converter v1.0.0.0.


Any ideas?

Hi @Rosie

Welcome to our forum!

Speckle GSA is a community contribution from Arup not maintained by us.
I can ping here @JdB here, but there might be faster ways to address it reaching out internally :slight_smile:

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I’m not an Arup employee - we use GSA at our company. Will wait for @JdB to respond, thanks!


Hi Rosie,

The error occurs because the object models between the latest Speckle connectors and Speckle GSA no longer match. We haven’t updated the Speckle GSA connector for some time. The lack of updates for Speckle GSA is due to the fact that most of our internal Speckle GSA users have switched to GSA Grasshopper (Introduction | Oasys GSA Documentation). GSA GH allows users to directly interact with the GSA software, enabling tasks such as running calculations and retrieving results directly from within Grasshopper.

You could downgrade your other Speckle connectors so they are compatible with Speckle GSA again, but this is not recommend. We recommend to use Grasshopper as an intermediate step for workflows that require GSA and Speckle. For example: Revit > Speckle > Grasshopper > GSA.

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