Can't insert data into Excel

When I try to insert data from a list into an Excel-sheet via. ‘Speckle Connecter for Excel’ I get the error:
“Something went wrong: ReferenceError: ‘TextDecoder’ is not defined”

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @FreDe
Welcome to the community and thanks for the bug report! The Excel connector is in very early stages and there might be indeed a few sharp corners here and there.

Would you be able to share the stream with me (Matteo Cominetti on XYZ) so I can check what’s going on?

Do you get that issue always or only with a specific set of data?

Hi @teocomi

I just added you to the stream.

The issue seems somewhat random. Sometimes it works fine, other times I get the error on the same list. But the main-list never works.
When I choose a smaller sub-list it seems to get better, but still fails sometimes.

Thanks! It sounds like it might have to do with the amout of data being written to Excel…

Can you confirm what fields are you usually selecting in the UI below?
If I check all fields it also fails for me, but with a different error (RequestPayloadSizeLimitExceeded).

At first I just tried the main list:

Where I get the error message I described first.

If I try a sub-element, the same happens:

But if I expand the object, I am able to insert the data:

Thanks for the screenshots @FreDe ! Just 3 more questions for now:

  • are you using Excel Web or Desktop?
  • if on Web, what web browser are you using? If on Edge/Internet Explorer, could you try Chrome?
  • am I right the the error message appears right after clicking the download icon, so before the screen I posted earlier?

I’m using Excel on Desktop.

Yes, it happens right after pressing the download icon.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to replicate!

Would you be able to try on Excel Web (possibly inside a modern browser like Chrome)?
Alternatively, if it’s an earlier version than mine, could you try updating Excel?