Can't extract Revit parameters in PowerBI

Hello everyone! I’ve just started to use the speckle for powerbi, I’m trying to make BIM 4D report in powerbi using Speckle viewer.
The query I face here is…In speckle site my 3D model parameters are named like “40160c30-0e43-48a5-889f-f5bd3978e560” soo when i try to create a custom column for the parameters in powebi after typing the custom column formula “[parameters][40160c30-0e43-48a5-889f-f5bd3978e560][value]” it shows error as invalid identifier for 0e43, I’m not able to proceed further by getting this error, can someone help me out?

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Hey @Irrfaan ,

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Can you try putting the parameter id in quotation marks? Here’s how your formula will look like after that:


Btw, have you seen this video and tried the method shown?

Hi Bilal, thanks for responding, yes i just watched your Youtube video, I tried the same but it didn’t workout.

Hey @Irrfaan ,

Could you please send me the Speckle Model URL in a DM so that I can reproduce the error on my end?

Hey @gokermu I’ve DM’d you please check your inbox

I am marking this as solved since you mentioned the second method in the video tutorial that worked in DM.