Can't access

I am trying to authenticate on the speckle manager, but visiting I get a ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. Does anyone have any suggestions? Trying with Edge instead of Chrome doesn’t help.
I don’t know if it’s related, but I am using google’s DNS.

Hey @giovannipagnon ,

Sorry to hear that!

  • can you please share your latest log in a PM?
  • can you access normally from a browser?
  • are you under a VPN/proxy/corporate firewall or similar?

Here’s where to find the log:

Hi Matteo,
thanks for your help and sorry for the late reply.

  • I will share my log with you
  • I can’t access from anywhere when I’m connected to my office’s network. I think that this means there’s a firewall of some sort, right? Our IT guy has told me he has no control over it. Could it be that a VPN that we use to work with a client in another country blocks certain domains?
    Thank you

Hey Giovanni,

Thanks for sending the log! I don’t see any errors in there, but if you say you cannot access from your office, than that’s the problem…

Asides from trying with another IT person, the only solution would be to deploy your own Speckle server :frowning:
Let us know if you have any other questions or if maybe us speaking with your IT could help?


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