Cannot retrieve geometry from a Rhino Block Instance in Dynamo

I’m not getting geometry details in receive node in dynamo . can you please help me, and make a tutorial video clip for sending blocks from auto cad to revit in detail.

Thank You…!

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Have you had a look at this tutorial?

There’s a section of the tutorial that shows how to extract the x,y,z corrdinates of the blocks coming from autocad.

Hi @Cillian_Warfield, and cheers for you answer.

Yes, I’ve been through the tutorial. Great work on that :-).

But I’m afraid it doesn’t quite cover the challenge I’m facing. Most of the guide covers data management in Dynamo, but my dead-end is before I get access to the data.

If I could get the data into Dynamo I would be very comfertable, as this is an environment I’m used to work in.

Speckle on the other hand, is quite new to me, so I’m not quite sure what im doing wrong :-S

@MartinSpence I think there are some issues with the watch nodes (and Speckle data), I reported this ages ago to the Dynamo team.

Could you try something else like the Dictionary.Keys or Dictionary.Values nodes instead?

Hi @teocomi ,

I’ll defin try this.

I’ll report back with the result.

Hi again Matteo,

Unfortunately I’m not having any luck getting what I’m after:

I also tried setting up a very simple stream with just some circles in a fresh AutoCAD file, but I get the same result :smiling_face_with_tear:



Do you have anything else I can try out? :slight_smile:

Speckle Link to the fresh send: Speckle

Hello @MartinSpence,

I have tested the extraction process in Dynamo 2.12 (Revit 2022) and it worked successfully (image below). Could you please check the Dictionary that is located just below the Receive node and let me know if you can preview the data that is being received?

Additionally, could you also share with me which version of Dynamo you are currently using and the version of your Speckle Connector for Dynamo?

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi Bilal,

Thanks for the answer, and thanks for all the tutorials you’ve made :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested what you showed in both Dynamo 2.12 and Dynamo 2.16/Revit 2023, and I can now see the data!
But only via the DS dictionary. I still don’t get anything in the preview of the Receive-node, and it won’t work with the OOTB dictionary nodes.
I can see the object type the Receive node outputs is in fact a DS dictionary, so I guess it makes sense. But is this intended? :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’m very grateful for your input, and I can get on with my intended workflow from here :star_struck:

Edit: Arrrr… I was too fast. I just tested with a bite of the dataset with the blocks I need to work with, and when I set this stream up, I’m getting nothing again:

Would you be able to test this, Bilal?

Stream: Speckle

Edit2: Additional info:
Speckle Connector 2.17 for both AutoCAD and Dynamo
Revit 2023.1.3
Dynamo 2.16

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Glad to hear it worked out for you! My guess is there is something wrong with our Receive node in the new Dynamo UI as it doesn’t show the output.

When it comes to

data[elements][elements] formula won’t work for all data types. I recommend checking the structure of your data using our web application. In your case, your data is structured in the following way. Try to follow those keys.

Ah of cause!

Cheers again :slight_smile:

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