Cannot receive streams shared with me in Revit

Thank you for your great effort on allowing to assign the Rhino data a Revit category and stream as Revit DirectShape. We have been discussing in emails on this pre-release and move to here.

It works GREAT to get objects from Speckle to Revit as DirectShape! So excited about this. However, I found some problems in streaming to Revit:

  1. Cannot find public streams that are not owned by my account. Even it is set public, permission still has to be granted for access in Revit.
  2. The streams I created myself (i.e. owned by my account) can be streamed quickled from Speckle to Revit quickly. However, streams that are created by others cannot be streamed from Speckle to Revit, just keep loading and loading.
  3. I created a testing geometry at 0,0 in Rhino and stream to Speckle then to Revit DirectShape. It senses the object but Revit says “No good view can be found”

Grateful if you may help.

Hi Didi,

1&2. are probably caused by the SpeckleRevit UI only showing you your own streams, I’ll look into a quick fix, cc @dimitrie
3. if you could share the geometry we’ll investigate!


Dear teocomi,

Thank you if 1&2 can be fixed!

I wasn’t the one who created the geometry, but this is simply a cube sitting at 0,0 created in Rhino in meter unit.

However, I realised a bad news - all Directshape streams I created last week were lost!
They include ZM_Oe4B1-, HpbblKqyt, and few of the others… It never happens before… I remember they were still available after I closed all my Grasshopper files…
Not sure what’s the best way, my usual practice is just close the Grasshopper file after streaming to Speckle without saving it.

Thank you…


Dear teocomi,

Just an update - the directshape stream data are back. Maybe some connection problem in that day?