Can move whole model with position like the way in the sandbox?

I noticed that in the speckle-server repository, there’s a snippet of code in the Sandbox.ts file that is used for moving the entire model via a URL.
However, it seems that only the model’s matrix was changed, and the model in the viewer was not moved to the specified position, meaning that it is not possible to accurately point to the model.
Is there a way to correctly move the entire model, or to load the model at specified coordinates

  private addStreamControls(url: string) {
    const folder = this.tabs.pages[0].addFolder({
      title: `Object: ${url.split('/').reverse()[0]}`

    folder.addInput({ url }, 'url', {
      title: 'URL',
      disabled: true
    const position = { value: { x: 0, y: 0, z: 0 } }
    folder.addInput(position, 'value', { label: 'Position' }).on('change', () => {
      const subtree = this.viewer.getRenderer().subtree(url)
      subtree.position.set(position.value.x, position.value.y, position.value.z)

        title: 'Unload'
      .on('click', () => {
    this.streams[url] = []

Hi @u0416033

The sandbox contains a lot of functionality that allows us to easily run and test stuff. It also allows us to experiment. The snipped you are referring is such an experiment which was not updated as the library evolved.

Here is a sandbox which allows you to move around the entire stream contents with viewer API 2.0