Can I Download Original Model Files From the Web UI?

Hey there! I just discovered Speckle and I think it might be really useful for my use-case of sharing IFC models with colleagues for review.

I’m able to upload and view my models in the Speckle UI, but I haven’t found a way to download the original model files after they have been uploaded. Is there a way to do this?

I’m not sure if this is something handled by Speckle connectors, but I can’t use the connectors, because I work on Linux.

This is a slight aside to your question, but I hope it helps:

I think it’s worth thinking of Speckle projects as a “model derivative,” in the same way that the Autodesk AEC Data Model API | Autodesk Platform Services is intended to be used - you’ve got a controlled IFC file thats the source of truth, and the speckle model that’s the derivative, intended for review, dissection, etc.

Treat the IFC file as the source of truth, and host the IFC in a file storage service and put a URL in the model description.


This was actually possible in the old frontend, so I think it’s just a matter of adding a button to download them :slight_smile:

Chris’ answer nevertheless introduces a good way to think about it too.

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