Bypass Blender materials

Hello, I am excited about Speckle in general and started testing it in connection with Blender and Archicad but this question/feature request applies to any sending software.

The first thing that came to my mind is the possibility to override materials that have already been applied in Blender so they dont reset on each receive event. I dont know if this is already possible and i dont know how, but I wish its a soon to come feature because its mandatory for a dynamic workflow to be possible.
What i mean is a similar logic like in Twinmotion for example, where objects are received and update but the materials stay, since Blender will be the main texturing and visualization environment.
If this is already possible please let me know, thanks !

Hi @Constantinesis ,

I believe this is already possible. Speckle already sends materials which you can modify in Blender. Or if you already have a material in Blender simply you can modify its name so it’ll have the same name as the Speckle material and don’t forget to delete the old material that came from Speckle. I believe we are keeping track of materials by their name so as long as they share the name, it should be fine.

I am not really an Archicad expert but i tried it w Grasshopper/Rhino workflow and it worked fine on my end.

Just in case, i am gonna ping @izzylys here so she can correct any mistakes i made.


Thats interesting! Thanks for the tip, I will try when i get into my main laptop.
So the idea is to keep same naming of materials as they originally came from the first sending software?
If it works for all platforms, either if its Rhino, Revit or Archicad, would be great!
By the way, what do you mean by deleting the material from Speckle?

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I had a look at a test slab i sent from Archicad before.
The material name that you referr to is that long ID or is the Null?
Can that be changed?
By the way in this composite, there are multiple materials i think but i dont see them in the stream.

Take a look at the below video. I think it’ll make things more clear.


Thank for explanation i didnt even know of that Assign to feature in Blender! So now when you receive a change in the mesh geometry, the material will stay the same?

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Yep, it will.



Wonderfull, thanks !