BlenderBim new user missing IFC object types with new install

I just downloaded BlenderBim and have found that it is missing the (not sure of terms) library for objects such as walls. I can not choose the wall type in the dropdown menu, same for all elements like doors windows etc… They were not part of the package. I downloaded from the website, and everything otherwise seems OK. I suspect it was missing from the package.

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Hey @IngieBee ,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :grinning:

I would be happy to assist you, but unfortunately, I do not know BlenderBIM to provide you with a solution for your issue. I suggest reporting the issue at the OSArch community, where @Moult will be pleased to assist you. That’s where BlenderBIM users hang out.

If you have any problems related to Speckle :speckle:, feel free to report them here.

It’s OK, I figured it out, I have some habits in Blender that I just didn’t realize I was doing instead of the new way in Blenderbim to start a new project. Kind of a blind wall issue :smiley: Thanks

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