Blender UV Flipped Error

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I am trying to export a model from blender to Unreal, the model is UV unwrapped and texture baked. However, after importing into unreal, the UV map is flipped.

Blender one is the correct UV. Any help to fix this would be much appreciated!! Thanks.

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Oh no!
It looks like we may be converting the UV coordantes incorrectly on the Unreal side😅

Blender: (correct)

UE (wrong!)

I’ll investigate, hopefully it’s a small fix on our end.
Thanks for the report!

I got curious and tested some of our other connectors, just to make sure the problem’s isolated to our Unreal Engine connector. Looks to be so. I’ll let you know when I have any updates.

Rhino (correct)

Unity (correct)

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Thanks for the reply, I have always wonder about the problem of UVs and texturing. Before speckle, my workflow is to always check the .fbx export box to map blender’s internal axis to match unreal. I also work with rhino as well, and rhino has the same axis orientation with unreal, so i guess that wouldn’t produce any problem. Not sure if that is the cause but jsut to spark some thoughts, it might be related to blender’s internal axis.


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