Blender to Rhino: Deserialization Error


I’m working on a workflow where

  1. I first import an IFC into Blender
  2. Then send part of that IFC to Speckle directly from Blender
    3 And then i try to receive the geometry from Speckle to Rhino

But i receive this error in Rhino

Hey @Morten.Kaasik ,

Does the versions of Blender and Rhino connectors match? If it does, what version of the connectors are you using?

Rhino connector 2.15.1
Blender 2.15

Tried on two streams, works on one, not the other. So does not seem to be a connector issue.

If you can share the problematic model with us, that would be great to tackle the problem. You can send me a DM if you don’t want to publicly share it.