Blender streams just won't add, delete. Seems like the user link is

Haven’t been using speckle for a while, just wanna try some else, I deleted the old stream on the web app, but it still show on the stream list, and new one won’t show.
any suggestions?

Hi @W_Nelson, Welcome to the forums!

Please could you tell me what version of the Blender connector you are using,
and provide some clear steps to reproduce your problem.

Unlike some of our other connectors that auto update to changes,
If you create or delete a stream/branch/commit from the web or another connector, you will need to press the refresh button for these changes to be reflected.

Hopefully you are able to use this to workaround the issue.

I am using the 2.10.0 and blender is official 3.3

I did try to refresh it, it will pop the say python error, I felt like it is a bad connection problem.

this is when I try to refresh the streams