Blender objects that won't push to Speckle


I’m currently working on a project in Blender (which I didn’t model) and I’m trying to push it to a Speckle Stream.

Unfortunately, two objects are creating errors when pushed. Here is the error message:

If you need it, here is the Blender file (I isolated the two elements that are causing problems).

I have no idea where the problem could come from (and I honestly have little experience in Blender). Could someone help me with this issue?

Apart from that, I’m having an excellent experience with Rhino+Speckle - keep up the good work!

Thank you for your help, and have a nice day!

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Hi @mlavantoine

Thanks for the detailed report.
Using your sample file, I was able to isolate the problem.
This was a bug hiding in the way we process custom properties.

I have implemented a quick fix, that should be available later today when I make the 2.14.0 release. I’ll let you know when it’s available and you can pick the update up from Speckle Manager.

Here’s a commit of the blender project you’ve sent:

To give a more detailed description of the problem.

When we convert blender objects to speckle. We try and attach custom Object Properties added to the objects.

It looks like the objects you have, have this custom property on them for some sort of scatter particle system.

For what ever reason, this custom property was triggering a python stack overflow when we try to convert it. Likely because it has some circular reference.

Now, we do have a check to ensure that circular references don’t cause problems. (this is the max_depth variable you are seeing in the logs)
But clearly this protection didn’t actually save us in this case, so I’ve lowered it’s tolerance from 1000 steps to 200.

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Hi @Jedd,
Thank you for your quick and complete answer!
I tried removing the custom properties, and now I’m still getting this error:

I don’t know if it is linked in any way, but I thought it would be good to report it.

Hi @mlavantoine

I’ve just published 2.14.0 of the Blender Connector, which includes a fix for your first issue.
And, with the file you have sent me, I cannot reproduce the second error message.

Please could you try the new 2.14.0 version, and please let me know if any problems persist!

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