Blender not reflecting updates made in revit

Hi all,

I am new to speckle and I’m trying to get my blender file to reflect the changes I’ve made in revit. I added a fountain object into the file in Revit after I had already received the stream in Blender. I resent the file to the speckle stream and looked at the online model hosted in speckle and it seems to reflect the updated model with the fountain. However, I went into Blender, hit the refresh button on the Stream, and it says it’s been reloaded, but the blender model is still missing the fountain. Am I doing something wrong? Should the model have updated? I attached screenshots below to illustrate what I mean! Any help would be much appreciated.

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Update, i have solved the issue with the fountain not being imported. It has made it into the model. My issue now is similar to reports from other Revit 2024 users where receiving the file in blender after making an update in revit is resulting in duplicates. It seems like this is generally not an issue with revit 2020 -2023 but it seems like a few people are having issues with blender duplicating items upon receiving updated files through speckle.

Just for reference, my Revit is Revit 2024 and I am using Blender 4.0. Initial model reception is good but things are duplicated after refreshing the model.

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