Blender import error on installation

I have some updates.

It’s looking like BlenderBIM recently added a dependency of urllib3 2.x which is incompatible with the urllib3 1.X version that our Blender Connector requires.

I’ve tested version 230506 of the BlenderBIM addon, before they added urllib3, and there’s no conflict here; both plugins load correctly.

Our current advice then, is to use this slightly older version of BlenderBIM if you also want to use our connector.

We’re currently investigating what we can do to resolve this. However, it may be beyond our control as we wait for GQL 3.5.X who’s waiting on graphql-js 17.X to release a stable build :pensive:

Please let me know how acceptable using version 230506 of Blender BIM is for you all.

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For anyone else experience similar errors without BlenderBIM. Then likely you have a different plugin that also conflicts. In these cases.

  1. Please, try disabling your other plugins to find which one is conflicting.
  2. Open a new Topic here on our forums, letting us know the name and version of the plugin that conflicts. What OS you are using, as well as the error message that is displayed.
    Also let us know if you have tried other versions (newer or older)
  3. If all else fails, and you just want the Speckle addon to work, then follow these steps to uninstall conflicting plugins.
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In general - of course it is OK from my side.

Thanks a lot for pointing me to it !

I was pretty sure that I use the latest official BlenderBIM, no betas.
And 231104 is the latest official.
So I checked my BBIM AddOns for 4.0 and 4.1 and had to realize that
these had only a BBIM from September !?
Must have happened with Blender 4 switching and setting migration.
I expect Blender 4.0 official took the AddOns from the old abandoned
4.0 Blender Beta Settings and latest 4.1 Alpha migrated them again …

231104 is the version I expected to have.

Now I updated BBIM on both Blenders to 231104 … and now
Speckle AddOn and BlenderBIM coexist peacefulle beside each other
and work flawlessly.

I am pretty sure that this may be the same reason for my problem
with Blender Speckle activation on Windows …

My apologies, I must have copied the wrong version number :man_facepalming:
I meant to say version 230506

it did not work here with a 2309xx.
But it now works with 231104 !?

Probably because I deactivated BlenderBIM, rebooted, uninstalled BBIM,
checked Speckle (AFAIR they were all already activated) and then
reinstalled current BlenderBIM.

I checked both Blenders, 4.0.1 and 4.1.x Alpha.
Speckle AddOn is available and downloads my Stream.
(But I changed from XYZ to Speckle latest Server this time)