Blender Imperial units -> Rhino Metric units - problem

First of all, thank you Speckle Team for a great tool and for solving so many problems!

However, we have a small problem with our workflow - one of us uses Blender in inches (imperial units) and the other one uses Rhino in millimeters (metric units).

Rhino β†’ Blender direction works fine. Objets have the correct size after receiving them.

But files sent from Blender and received in Rhino have the wrong scale.

Here are some examples:

39.4" (1000mm = 1m) sent from blender β€”> 304.80mm received in Rhino
1’ = 12" = 304.8 mm in Blender β€”> 92.90 mm in Rhino
1 m in Blender (metric Blender) ----> 1 m in Rhino
3.28’ (1000mm = 1m) β€”> 304.8mm in Rhino
1" from Blender β€”> 7.74mm in Rhino

304.8 mm = 12" form Rhino β€”> 12" in Blender
7.74 mm = 0.305" in Rhino β€”> 0.305" in Blender

I can see some patterns but don’t know how to solve a problem.

Is this something wrong with our settings or is this a feature not supported at the moment?

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Filip_Bielicki.

Thanks for the detailed report :raised_hands:
I can reproduce the problem you describe. It seems we are not correctly handling units when sending from Blender to Speckle.

I have implemented a fix, that should be available later today when I make the 2.14.0 release.
I’ll let you know when it’s available, and would appreciate if you could give it a quick test your end and let us know the results.

Hi @Filip_Bielicki
I’ve just published 2.14.0 of the Blender Connector, which includes a fix for the units scaling on send.

Please could you try the new 2.14.0 version, and please let me know if any problems persist!


Hi Jedd,
Thank you so much for your help and fast fix!
I can confirm, that the problem is fixed :slight_smile: I will double-test it with my colleague online, but using Rhino-Blender-Rhino workflow on the same machine is not a problem anymore.
Thank you again!