Blender FBX Mesh Not Keeping Materials When Pushing to Speckle

I pushed an FBX model to Speckle from Blender and the mesh looks great, except the materials are missing. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @bowen_utahbim

Would it be possible for you to share with us an FBX or Blend file to test our end?

Sure thing! Can I DM you the link?

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Hi @bowen_utahbim

Thank you for your patience, unfortunately, we don’t currently support sending textures using Speckle.
only basic PBR materials (diffuse color + roughness + metallic + opacity + emissive color)

This is something we are working towards supporting, we have the foundations laid, but there’s still a lot of work on our end before we can get textures sending from Blender.

Feedback is really important to us, so we would love to hear more about what kind of workflows you are wanting to achieve, and which other connectors you are using to receive your data sent from Blender.

This may help us priorities certain features when the time comes to implement textures.

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Is there a way to send a mesh with textures? This is important to a project I’m doing for a client.

No, only colored meshes are supported at the moment Bowen.
We’ll keep you posted!

Hi Matteo,

That is good to know, thank you!

Is it just one color per mesh? Or can there be a gradient, or multiple colors on a mesh?

So @Jedd has corrected me, when sending from Blender to Speckle:

  • materials (without textures) are supported
  • materials on different faces of the same mesh are also supported
  • vertex colors are not supported yet, because the way Blender deals with them is non-standard

So hopefully, basic materials are enough for your workflow?

That is good to know! Thank you @Jedd and @teocomi!

I ended up using a point cloud instead. It rendered great in the viewer!