BIM and Speckle

Hello all,

My name is Bawar Tanay, I am an Archicad Expert and a BIM consultant.

I work with various companies from contractors, to architectural firms and everything in between. (structural engineers, MEP, maintenance and management etc).

my expertise is archicad but i would like to talk about BIM and the many opportunities that improve processes in a bim project.

there are different parties with different requirements and wishes,
which are largely described in an information delivery specification.

i am new to speckle and need to learn many things.

But my question is, how flexible is Speckle with modifying data so that the model being exported complies with the IDS?

and if it is not currently flexible, or the capabilities are not there.
how do we make sure it gets into speckle?
and of course how do we make sure that what is modified in speckle goes back to the software package, Archicad/Revit/Tekla etc.

how is the issue management arranged, is there a possibility to export to BCF: BIMCollaboration Format? or Solibri, IFC etc.

P.S. the tag doesnt really work and is quite annoying, where can i find how this works? wanted to use BIM but can not make it.

Bawar Tanay | Archicad expert | BIM consultant | Studio Infinite