Beta Testing Features

Hey @vwb - just sent you an invite to our staging server. I’ve used the email you registered here with, so make sure to check that one out. If it doesn’t show up, let me know. @jsdbroughton seems to have missed his, and i’m on yellow alert in case something is broken :slight_smile:


Could I get an invite? Wanting to test this: Speckle IFC Import Alpha Release

(can use the email for this account)


Invited! Looking forward to your feedback on this :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’d be also really interested in testing IFC Import. Could you send me an invite please?

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I would like to sign up to become a speckle tester. I am especially interested in using speckle to support an agile approach to bim data. I have seen some mention of DevOps for AEC in talks and posts but would like to discuss the topic further on a call if possible. thanks!

Hey @erik_l !

Sure thing, I’ve just invited you. We released a new version of the server recently so atm Latest is identical to XYZ, but stay tuned for updates coming in the new year!

In regards to using speckle as a platform for DevOps, you could check this convo :robot: Speckle Actions! Suggestions?, otherwise shoot us an email/PM, we’re always happy to chat with enthusiastic users!

I think there should be a more controlled way of adding contributors to the project. Right now, if i accidentally click on one of the Fake Matteos, I will end up with collaborating someone else. Maybe add them after I make a selection and click save?

Faced an issue while trying to add another Matteo as collaborator. It simply doesn’t list anyone.

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Thanks for the report, I’ve added this to another streams / user searching issue here:

Hey @Testers ,

We have a few new features in some of our connectors and we’d love to hear what you think:

We’ve been working to make company-wide deployments of our connectors much simpler. So if that resonates, please go ahead and check this page for full details:

Looking forward to hearing what you think and how it works for you :boom:


Hi, have some doubts about this. I already got an invitation to the latest speckle server so I was wondering if it makes me part of the speckle tester program? :sweat_smile: Second, I am using the latest server with the first account I created, is that a problem? I got no error for that.

Hey Oswaldo,

Being part of the program really just means testing new beta features when they are released and giving us some feedback :grin:

We are giving all testers access to our “latest” server so it’s easier for you to do so.
You can have as many Speckle accounts as you want, on our XYZ, latest server, or on your own servers!

Hope it makes sense!

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Hey @teocomi, could I get access to the tester server? I would like to explore that with this dude @Oswaldo_Hernandez :smiley: Thank you, and have a nice day! :wink:


Heya, just invited you!

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Hey guys,

I realized a weird behaviour with Favorites💓 feature. As you see in the first image, only first stream has a comment in it. But when I go to favorites section, looks like as if both have comments in’em.


Nice find! We’ll fix :slight_smile:
Later edit: fixed :sunglasses:


Want to be a tester!

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Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve just sent off an invite to our testing server. Let rip!

My building is on fire :O

I like the comments feature a lot! Although I’m not sure if emojis are representing Speckle and the added value properly, it feels a bit silly to me and might also do so for new users? Maybe I’m grumpy grandpa here… but just sharing my thoughts and interested to hear what others think.


I’d be happy to curate a list of decent & more meaningful emojis, to be honest :sweat_smile: those are just for fun, and seen as a conversation starter! Which ones would you see?