Best way to save a Image in Speckle

Hi everyone,
I have a question to discuss right now, the most efficient way to store images on speckle is, has anyone had any problems with this, when I tried storing bitmaps I noticed The directory tree has grown significantly, is there any way I can improve this? Do I need to store it as a string or anything?

Bitmap bitmap = ....;
Base @base = new Base()
@base["images"] = bitmap;

Happy to hear respone !

We’re very close to adding native SDK support for attaching any blob to an object!

See here a bit of a preview with some examples on how it’s going to work:

And once this PR is merged and released, it should be generally available via our SDK (the server is ready):

What you currently - surprisingly - managed to is store the bitmap as an array. I’m not sure it will deserialize properly!

We’d be very curious to hear your usecase - why do you want to store that bitmap?


Hi @dimitrie , that is what I want :sweat_smile:. At the moment , I using blob in azure to keep all image, but I want link it with speckle and sometime visualize it to speckle no need call from owner azure of us, I hope it will be coming soon to version 2.10.
Explain more about my idea, I keep image because I need it for some process training model with AI, when it susscess I will share with community soon.

Thanks you for your anser, that is correct what i want now.