Best way to install Speckle on work pcs?

Hey guys,

I have been trying to use Speckle for work. But the installation doesn’t work. I have tried a few things with my IT’s help.

  • Downloading the manager and opening works fine (as the docs correctly say).
  • Installing a connector (myself, no admin priv.) gets angry and don’t tell me much:

  • Right clicking the manager → Run as administrator (with IT’s superpowers) → Install connector works, but not quite. When I open RH/GH Speckle is not there (I bet is installing under the “…/Users/Admin/…” which is not me)

What do you guys recommend for installing Speckle under these conditions?

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Hey @vwb

This is a quite unfortunate one, we’ve been struggling with corporate environments for a while now. It’s usually a mixture of aggressive IT policies that makes it hard for us to guarantee a smooth installation process!

The best option would be to have a quick chat with your IT department and finding a solution together, most of the time it boils down to allowing some domains and/or trusting our certificate.

Before we do so, I’d like to investigate your issue a bit more. I’ve just released v2.1.8 of Manger, it now includes some logging that’ll help us understand what errors are being thrown.

Would you mind installing it and sharing your SUUID (in settings) with us?

Thanks for the fast :rocket: reply. I tried and got this.

SUUID: 988b43e9-824c-4ad6-aefc-0586e75c2dbd

Thanks @vwb ,

I check the log and unfortunately, I can’t really see why the installation fails. My guess is either a group policy or antivirus. Would it be possible to get in touch with your IT department to figure out a solution together?

In the meantime, here’s the direct installer for the grasshopper connector, please note it will not auto-update when installed this way:

Thanks a lot @teocomi! I’ll try to grab them :slight_smile: for it.

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Corss-posting here as well, for anyone jumping on this thread, we have since a while made individual installers for our connects available and as well enabled system wide installation options:

More details in our docs: